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My Morning Jacket Showed Off Their "Compound Fracture" on The Tonight Show Last Night

Watch them float through a new track off their latest album, 'The Waterfall.'

Photo by Danny Clinch Man, it must be awesome to be Jimmy Fallon. He's made a career out of being excited about literally everything, probably lives in a big fuck-off mansion, and gets to book his favorite bands to come play for him every night. Imagine how sweet it must be to be able to thow money at basically any band you want and have them come to your office and play? Personally I'd probably just book Eyehategod every night, but Jimmy Fallon definitely seems like more of a Coachella-rock kind of dude.


So, last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (there he is again, killin' it), Jimmy brought out another band he describes as one of the show's favorites, and looked positively delighted when My Morning Jacket rolled up all draped in paisley to play "Compound Fracture," a soulful psych-rock jam that kinda sounds like that one song from the Tarzan soundtrack.

Check out the video of their performance here: