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PREMIERE: C H R I S T's New LP 'T O W E R' Pushes Post-Rock to its Limits

It's G O O D, and features production from Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Thierry Amar.
June 9, 2015, 4:53pm

C H R I S T is a post-rock group out of Montreal that play heavy and strange expanses of compositions. Their debut LP T O W E R shows the band's pedigree from its members prior groups, other Montreal acts from multiple genres such as Ire, Cobra Noir, The Black Hand, and Sed Non Satiata. The album is able to deliver sections and parts that show the expansive nature of the band, chords soar and expand over large swaths of dissonance. Each proceeding chord drives the song further and further, making the music more massive and daunting with each moment. In some sections, like on the song "Planar," the expansiveness is turned into a tone that is much more malevolent than what was previously implied. It's a kind of post-rock that goes into sinister and dark territory, a place in which most bands in the same genre aren't able to tread as successfully. Throughout the record's four compositions, C H R I S T swims deep into every sea of texture, a body of moods.


Listen to the full album below, and pick up your copy of T O W E R right here.