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Premiere: Stream Pinkshinyultrablast's Debut Album

A euphoric blend of Russian shoegaze anchored somewhere between Cocteau Twins and Polica.

Pinkshinyultrablast are a five piece from Russia’s St Petersburg whose artistic whim was to create something radically different from the “totally boring” local indie scene that surrounded them at home. If you carry any dreary, grey-stained stereotypes of what Russian rock is, prepare to have your imagination cremated by the euphoric and latitudinous shoegaze blend of their debut album, Everything Else Matters, which anchors itself somewhere between Cocteau Twins-ian atmosphere and the melodic glitter of a Polica record.


Inspired by a classic Astrobrite album that “researched spaces between ambient, heavy guitar and pop music”, the band preach their mantra via the juxtaposition of lead singer Lyubov’s tender female vocals against pure and epic waves of lush instrumentation. However, the real pay off comes from band member Rustam, whose contribution - labelled as “synths and electronics" - gives the entire thing the kind of kaleidoscopic melancholy that comes across like Andrew Weatherall mulling life over on a summer afternoon.

Altogether it makes for a pretty spiritual record that hits you deeper than a Siberian diamond mine. Stream it exclusively on Noisey below.