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Prevail From Swollen Members Wants to Open Your Mind in Alpha Omega's "Tribal"

The newly formed Vancouver rap duo are also really big fans of 'Deadpool.'

Family ties are an important thing to Vancouver rap duo, Alpha Omega. Comprised of Battle Axe Records rap group Swollen Members' Prevail along with his aptly-named nephew, Neph the two have a joint venture in making off-kilter observations about life and carving a musical path of their own choosing. So, it's no surprise their new single "Tribal" comes drenched in animated lyrical content that is reminiscent to MF Doom with lines about the copious amount of lead Deadpool pumps and burning the road like Mad Max. The colourful track also comes off their upcoming EP The Strain in May.


"We had just been sitting in the studio rolling out the Alpha Omega game plan, talking about work ethic, the creative journey, and the hunger it takes to realize it all into fruition when we came up with the concept for 'Tribal.'" Neph from Alpha Omega explains, "The primal nature of human beings, and wanting to be free, make our own decisions, and carve our own future is the message we try to get across, whether through literal translation or abstract depiction." Listen to the song below.

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