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Danish Juju Bell Just Dropped Her Juicy New Track “Itch” and It’s Ripe for the Scratching

Scratch that itch.

It's weekend time again, and we've all got that special itch that needs scratching. Maybe you're the tightly-wound Claire Underwood type, that's limited herself to one Saturday cigarette a week. Maybe you're an intense Throner, jonesing for that sweet, bloody Sunday night dragon porn. Maybe you're part of the 95% of all dudes on all dancefloors anywhere, and you're just desperately trying to get anything resembling a woman to touch your penis. Whatever your deal is, you've got scratching to do - and we've got just the song for it.


Like the intimate pinch of locking eyes with someone across a crowded dance floor come the delicately alternative pop-rockish stylings of Copenhagen-based girl next door, Juju Bell. The song is rightly titled "Itch" and it's off of Juju's debut album, which is produced by Lasse Lyngbo (Lydmor, Vinnie Who) and scheduled to drop this October. Juju Bell's sound is something between PJ Harvey and Lykke Li, spit through a pinball machine of Florence + The Machine-ish vibes and topped off with some adventurous organ play.

To a zippy backtrack of air-tight beats, Juju hemorrhages a mixture of warmth and pent-up ferocity in her addictively catchy vocals - and the end result is groovy as all hell. Also, it's appropriately been set to a hot, stuffy, mirror-infatuated funhouse of a video produced by Maria Amtoft.

Check out Juju Bell's ju-ju-juicy video for "Itch" right here:

All photos by Maria Amtoft