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On Thursday, October 11, Noisey Presents Chain Of Strength in Brooklyn

Tomorrow night, we're teaming up with the So-Cal straight edge legends for a show in Brooklyn, with Clear and Cream.
October 10, 2012, 5:10pm

There's a word for a certain strand of 80s hardcore: "brucial." It's a combination of brutal and crucial, and a dude I know used it so much that he made an Urban Dictionary entry for it. Straight-edge legends Chain Of Strength fit that description to a T. If for some reason you aren't punk, we should tell you that these guys ignited Southern California in the 80s and early 90s with a sound that was urgent, loud-as-fuck, and… well… brucial. If you haven't heard the True Till Death EP, stop whatever you're doing and order it on eBay - it's a steal at $40 bucks.


This year the band reunited, and they're playing this week in NYC for Revelation Records' 25th anniversary smash-up at Irving Plaza. The shows start tomorrow night, and we're teaming with Rev, Chop Shop, the Hundreds, and DCXX to host the official afterparty at the Acheron in Bushwick, Brooklyn, featuring - you guessed it - Chain Of Strength!

Anyone who's purchased VIP tickets to the Rev 25 shows can get into this show at no charge - you just have to stop by the Rev pop-up store at the Hundreds on 96 Grand Street to pick up your wristband. Then head to the Acheron, in Brooklyn on 57 Waterbury St., directly after tomorrow's show - the shit pops off at 11PM with two stellar openers, vegan straight-edge hardcore act Clear and Brooklyn's own Creem, followed by the men of honor themselves, Chain Of Strength.

Head here for more info, and to purchase VIP tickets for the shows.

The Noisey Youth Crew will be there all night, but we're not straight-edge anymore. Sorry guys.