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Walk the Moon Explains the Real "Anna Sun" on This Episode of Made Me

The band revisits the song, which was inspired by a college professor.

Some of the greatest ideas are often inspired by the most common of life's events. Such is the case of Walk the Moon's breakout 2011 song "Anna Sun" which draws from the feelings that one experiences at the end of a long and illustrious college career before having to go out in the real world and survive. "Anna Sun" went on to become one of Esquire's "30 Summer Songs Every Man Should Listen To"; was named the song of the summer by Amazon, Seventeen and MTV; and its release would forever be marked as the moment that launched the burgeoning careers of all four members of Walk the Moon, their "Made Me" moment.

Looking back upon their success, the Cincinnati-based indie rock quartet understands how people were able to interpret their song as dealing with a teacher-student affair, but since the reception they received was overwhelmingly positive (and/or wishful) they never felt the need to expressively deny it. Anna Sun was a professor at the Cincinnati college where the band-mates studied and upon learning that Nicholas, Kevin, Sean, and Eli made a song where her name was the central lyric, Anna was thrilled. However, she requested that the band send the lyrics on to her before the song was performed officially. Upon seeing that some of the lyrics were too suggestive, Anna requested that some of them be changed. However since Walk the Moon are a rock band full of rock stars, they refused. Since they're a rock band from Ohio, they made sure to apologize to Anna for refusing he request.

Although the song was first conceived in 2009 where it was performed on campus, it's given life to Walk the Moon's musical career. Since Anna Sun's release the band has gone on to open for Weezer and Panic! at the Disco, put out a self-titled album that would place on Billboard's Top 10 Alternative Charts, and appear on most major festival stages and late night talk shows. But most importantly, each member's mother is a huge fan of the band.

Walk the Moon have proved that it’s often easier to ask forgiveness than permission, especially when that forgiveness is directly attached to one of the biggest songs of the year. We hope that wherever Anna Sun is, she’s using her new-found fame for fame, fortune, and increased academic tenure.