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Punktendo Lets You Play Punk Rock Versions of Your Favorite Video Games

Featuring games like "Fat Mike's Golf" and "Milo Fu."

Did you also waste your life away on punk rock and video games? Did your mom also throw your old NES in the trash after you moved out? Then boy have you just struck internet time-wasting gold.

Brooklyn-based animator Jeff Hong—who you may remember as the meme-making scamp behind Grumpy Punk Cat, the “Unhappily Ever After” Disney parody series, and Mikey Erg is Everywhere—has launched a series called Punktendo, which you can pretty much guess from the title combines the three-chord simplicity of punk rock with the 8-bit simplicity of Nintendo games. Using your web browser, you can play “Fat Mike’s Golf,” “Milo Fu,” “Masked Intruder’s Alley,” and “Dan Zig,” a take-off of “Mega Man.” There are also games feeding into the social elements of punk like “Duckless Hunt” and “Racists Alley.”

“It took a couple weeks to learn how to mod my first Nintendo game and learn how to change the sprites in games, but there's a huge resource for learning that on the internet. Now it takes me a day or two to change a game,” Hong told us. So now that he’s got the science down, expect more in the future. He says he’s working on putting The Flatliners into a hockey game and the Chumped kids into “Super Mario Bros. 2.” May we also suggest “Ben Weasel's’ Punch Out?” Or maybe “Bonk’s Adventure” with Ian Mackaye. Or if you really wanna get meta, “10-Yard Fight” starring Ten Yard Fight.

Waste your entire day playing Punktendo here, totally for free. You don't need anything besides your keyboard.