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Listen to the Holy Mess' New Album, 'Comfort in the Discord'

It's a wonderfully strange mix from the Philadelphia punk weirdos.
July 23, 2014, 1:40pm

Oh look. Our favorite Philadelphia degenerates the Holy Mess have a new album out and we’re not even quite sure what to make of it. On Comfort in the Discord, the three-piece continues to further distance itself from the piles and piles of interchangeable gruff punk bands out there. In only 10 songs, they dip into various musical territories that differ greatly but still somehow have this strange, common thread that ties them all together. Some songs lean more melodic, others are faster and more furious, and there’s a fluid, seamless transitioning between it all. The album actually sounds a lot like the cover art (done by the legendary purveyor of vom-art, Steak Mtn) looks—different colors from the same weird palate. All smashed together, all totally gross and wonderful.


Comfort in the Discord is out next week. Order it on vinyl right here or digitally for only $5 on their Bandcamp.