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Watch the New Music Video from WHY?

Watch it. It is a nice video. You will like the man in the straw hat in front of a Whole Foods.
September 3, 2014, 5:25pm

In all likelihood, you have forgotten how much you loved WHY? in college. Or, perhaps, you are in college, and just only now starting to love WHY? Or, even more likely, given Noisey's shockingly young readership, you have never heard of WHY? but clicked this link on our homepage because you liked the image of the man in the straw hat giving a detached thumbs-up in front of a Whole Foods. That's fine. Part of the fun of WHY? is you can start liking them at any time, and it'll always be chill.

Gather round, teens. That man in the straw hat in front of the Whole Foods Yoni Wolf, and he is one of the founders of Anticon, one of the best and weirdest purveyors of left-field, experimental hip-hop back from the time where that sort of thing wasn't just something you could find on the internet by refreshing your weed dealer's Twitter profile. Yoni Wolf himself is important because before young people used emojis to communicate emotions and feelings, they listened to his band WHY?, and WHY? would explain the world to them through a sheen of dry, bemused detachment. Yoni Wolf is still doing this, and we are proud to premiere WHY?'s new video for "Jonathan's Hope," which you can watch above. In it, you will find Yoni Wolf getting a haircut and doing weird zombie dances with children, and a man who is not Yoni Wolf rhythmically dropping rocks. Watch it. It is a nice video.



Catch WHY? on tour:

9/18/2014 Crofoot Ballroom - Pontiac, MI*

9/19/2014 Lee’s Palace - Toronto, ON*

9/20/2014 Pop Montreal International Music Festival @ Vitrola - Montreal, QC*

9/21/2014 Le Poisson Rouge - New York, NY*

9/22/2014 Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA*

9/23/2014 Black Cat - Washington, DC*

9/25/2014 Altar - Pittsburgh, PA*

9/26/2014 Midpoint Music Festival @ Taft Ballroom - Cincinnati, OH

9/27/2014 Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL*

9/28/2014 Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL*

* w/Dessa