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The Best Rap Tunes of the Week: Grilled Cheeze, Vol. 6

This week's mix of the best rap songs features Soulja Boy's horror movie soundtrack, Z-Ro going quiet storm, and Metta World Peace, of course.

Grilled Cheeze is a weekly mix of the best new rap tracks. Check out volumes 1-6 here. Send tracks to and follow GRILLED CHEEZE on Soundcloud!

Future and Nicki Minaj – "Rockstar"
It's not clear when or where this loosie came from, nor is it clear if Future Hendrix is interpolating Wham! on purpose on the hook, but this track is great. Nicki says "If I was a nigga I'd be gettin my dick sucked," which is like a made-up Nicki Minaj line.


Z-Ro - "Walking Hard"
Speaking of singin'-ass rappers, Z-Ro is back with what is almost some quiet storm shit from 1982. Hear the King of the Ghetto sing his heart out over some Midnight Star-sounding production from Beanz and Cornbread.

CHARGAUX - "Burn Rubber"
And speaking of 1982, here's CHARGAUX covering Gap Band (a.k.a. what the guy who sings on "Bound 2" was doing 30 years ago). It's a cool, sparse arrangement, with vocals not unlike Wendy and Lisa. Incidentally, this group is two chicks who play violin and viola and are responsible for the string arrangement on "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe.”

Rome Fortune - "The Night"
I feel like every Rome Fortune song boils down to "aye girl let's see where this night takes us." Childish Major did the beat (with help from TryBishop) and also sings the hook! Somebody's talented!

Persyce - "The Coffee and Kush Lounge"
Raps is aight, but this beat is like cloud rap throwback perfection.

Soulja Boy – "Bands"
Soulja Boy talks about money over horror movie pianos. Lord willing we'll get a low-budget Soulja Boy horror movie where all his money is haunted. Or: Soulja Boy sets up shop in a haunted trap house. Spooky!

Young Thug - "Trigger Finger"
Now that we're all done snickering at how the art for 1017 Thug 2 is just Thugger's face photoshopped on a picture of Wiz Khalifa, we can talk about how the album itself is aight. Not great but solid. "Trigger Finger" is my pick, as it lands in the sweet spot between the longer, free-form stuff he's been doing (i.e. "The Blanguage") and his penchant for strange, catchy hooks.


Casey Veggies - "The Boy"
I'm still waiting for Casey Veggies to do something really impressive, but in the meantime I'll keep checking for him on the strength of his beat selection alone. Hit-Boy's skittering not-not-EDM production hits hard.

B.O.B. and Kevin Gates – "Lambo"
B.O.B. is good enough, but I'm really out here paying attention to everything Kevin Gates does. This is off B.O.B.'s No Genre 2 tape.

Black-El - "White '95 Maxima"
One of my favorite indie soldiers from Boston name checks mid-90s luxury sedans. Onra-esque production by the talented Durkin, who you might know from "Khaled's Lament".

Metta World Peace - "Thanks Mom Thanks Dad"
When Metta World Peace makes a song, you listen to it. When it's a charmingly earnest salute to his parents, you put it on your weekly mix.

Skinny Friedman is his own face photoshopped on a picture of Soulja Boy. He's on Twitter - @skinny412


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