Holy Hell, Watch The Ergs!’s Reunion Set from Tonight’s Episode of ‘The Chris Gethard Show’

All 22 minutes of glorious, reunited pop punk.
May 25, 2016, 1:50pm

As we mentioned last week, The Ergs! are BACK. Okay, maybe not ALL CAPS back, but they’re back for now. The band is playing Fest this year and releasing a four-song seven-inch soon. They’re also playing The Chris Gethard Show tonight for the first time in years, and we’ve got an early exclusive video of the whole set for you below. Dare we say that it possibly rivals Diddy's surprise appearance:

Watch the entire episode tonight on Fusion. And in case you missed it this week, Mikey Erg has been dropping tracks off his forthcoming solo record, Tentative Decisions. Have a listen to two of them below, and take a moment to be awed by Mikey Erg, the pop punk savior of the post-Lookout! world.