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Mind-Blowing Sex Rules: Here's Baby Alpaca's "Roller Coaster"

It's the duo's first new tune in forever and it bangs.

Baby Alpaca by Myles Pentengill. BABY ALPACA! There you are! It's been a good 12 months and change since the lanky, devastatingly talented Chris Kittrell (and Zach McMillan) dropped a new tune. We championed the duo way back when they released "Wild Child," with its beautiful, painterly video, and now their back with "Roller Coaster"—the first tune from their EP out next year on JD Samson's label, Atlas Chair. The beat is straight up "High and Dry" by Radiohead, but with its lithe guitar lines and Kittrell's Sade-esque, fulsome melodies, "Roller Coaster" is a million miles from awkward mid-90s alt-rock. This is starkly sensual R&B. "It's so delicious / The taste of innocence drifting away…" Jeez. That lyric beats around no one's bush. There's mention of a mirrored ceiling up in here.


Obviously we had to find out more.

"You know the feeling you get after amazing sex?" asks Kittrell. "All dizzy, weak in the knees, about to pass out. It reminds me of being at a theme park: carnival games, swing chairs, wooden roller coasters. High on cotton candy and Icees. One turn behind getting onto the ride and screaming hands in the air until it's over."

But what's Baby Alpaca up to beyond having amazing sex?

"We're really looking forward to releasing our first album, and collaborating with Filip Nikolic (Poolside/Turbotito) makes such great energy in the studio. Finding chemistry in a musical relationship is rare, but once you are on the ride, you are in it."

Bravo! Have a listen to "Roller Coaster" and go have some great sex. That's an order.

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Kim Taylor Bennett would like to go back to bed, ifyouknowhatimean. She's on Twitter.