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BEA's New Video Brings 'The Virgin Suicides' into the Tumblr Era

Equal parts shuffling chillwave, brass stomper, and hypnotic siren call.

When I first saw and heard BEA it was like the internet had birthed her from the mainframe; like if Natalie Portman had been cast in Luc Besson's Lucy and it hadn't been a complete shit show. That's BEA.

"Filthy Believer" is the latest cut from the Dutch chanteuse's debut EP to get the video treatment. The song itself is an infectious lucid dream that is such a curve ball it's hard to classify—equal parts shuffling chill wave, brass stomper, and hypnotic siren call.


The video may be sadly lacking the CGI Labrador that made the visual for "We're Like the Hard Born" so WTF (along with it's deployment of selfie stick steam room cinematography), but the pretty in pink, Virgin Suicides 2k15 Tumblr vibes of this are proper dreamy. Watch the premiere below.

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I caught up with BEA to find out how she feeds her weird and digital mind.

Noisey: Hi BEA. So what's going on in this video then?
BEA: I try not to explain too much, it's supposed to speak for itself. My official description is that it's BEA in a pink environment dancing around and eventually pink rose petals start falling down around her and it's shot in one take with a Handycam. I really love talking about it, but I don't think it's helps people's experience of watching it.

Did you just shoot it the one time?
We did it about four times. This was the best take.

Well it would've been brave if you'd used the worst! Who decided it was going to be pink?
I did the video with Piet Langeveld who did my other videos and we both decided. Pink is in fashion right now, you see it on VFiles and Opening Ceremony, and everywhere online, heaps of pink. We always try to find an element of humor in what we do visually. I'm not only wearing pink but it's on my face, it's on my hands.


I was pretty disappointed there was no CGI dog in this video, is the dog from you "We're Like the Hard Born" video (below) coming back?
Wait and see. I don't know where he is now. He took a long time to create so he's going to come back.

I'm thinking you need to start a Kickstarter campaign to properly fund a hologram of the dog to tour with you.
I have thought about holograms in general, but not of the dog. It's a really good idea! I don't have any money though. I have to keep reminding myself why I'm not going to labels or doing Kickstarter projects. I want to wait a bit longer. In a cliché kind of way it's making me think twice about what I'm doing because it has to be worthwhile. I have total freedom with what I want to do; I just don't have a lot of liberties.

Dev Hynes is a fan! He says he's been Skyping you. Is he stalking you?
We're stalking each other really. It came as a real surprise, he liked one of my pictures on Instagram and then my boyfriend was like, "Are you kidding me?" I was super impressed someone like that wanted to get in contact with me. I'm going to go visit him soon.

Are you as mysterious IRL as you seem online?
I don't know! I'm pretty open. I don't have any secrets. All I know is I'm only doing things that feel natural and any version of yourself online isn't exactly the way that you are in real life.

Why did you choose the name BEA to perform under?
It's not made up, I was always Beatriz and then in high school everything becomes super dynamic and it got turned into Bea.

When you look it up on Urban Dictionary it's defined as: "The most amazing girl you'll ever meet… beautiful, smart, funny, caring, the perfect girl." Is that you?
I think that sums up how my Mum would describe me if she put me in the dictionary. I'm not all of those things, no one could be. I'm in the process of discovering what it takes to make the ship sale properly, of finding out who I am.

You're just lucky that the letters aren't the other way around because "bae" means poop in Danish. What's your song writing process?
I can't tell where anything comes from when it comes out of my head. It feels like I have to have a baby, it has to come out and the baby comes out and I'm not quite sure why it's there or what it did to make me have it. I do a lot of analysing, most of the time I'm trying to veer off the familiar even though I'm not deliberately trying to be different or difficult. I just find it interesting to look for loopholes—that's when I get excited.

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