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PREMIERE: Classhole Roughs Up New Orleans' Sludgy Reputation with a Blast of Hardcore Punk

Stream the raging debut album from these members of Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, and more.

Photo courtesy of Gary Loverde

Depending on your particular preferences, New Orleans is a city known best for either its jazz, or its sludge; either way, it's generally not a place that immediately springs to mind when you'e thinking "hardcore punk" (unless you've stepped over more than three clusters of crusties spanging on Bourbon Street on any given afternoon).

A handful of veterans from the city's metallic all-stars—Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Hawg Jaw, Mountain of Wizard, haarp, et al—are aiming to change that. Classhole is a supergroup, sure, and most of its members have done time in sludge or progressive metal bands, but the tunes they churn out here are full-fledged, fast, dark, and nasty hardcore punk, with a murderous groove and a vocalist more used to spitting black metal brimstone than dopesick bile. The band's first full-length record just dropped, and we're devilishly delighted to be streaming it here on Noisey—as you may have noticed, we have an awful big soft spot for NOLA and the racket its residents kick up.

Classhole is available now from the Compound; cop the physical CD here, or go digital here. Either way, you can try before you buy and stuff it in your greasy earholes below:

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