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Listen to Mano and Lyriq's of Treated Crew's "20/3" Spin on a Modern Classic, "iPhone Bling"

Who even makes phone calls in 2015 anyway?

Maybe you've heard a little song called "Hotline Bling" by a guy named Drake. Maybe you've even heard the Spanish version. But maybe you haven't quite found a version you can relate to. After all, who even uses their phone to call people? We all know that every shred of late night thirst in 2015 happens over text—probably on your iPhone. So Mano and Lyriq of Chicago's Treated Crew have their own "20/3" mix of the song that swaps out those key lines and refocuses the song a bit: "every time I leave the city you / you get exactly what you asked for." It's hard to say if it's darker or just realer.


Treated Crew has been holding down Chicago cool for several years, but if you haven't been paying attention, now's a good time to get familiar: Mano produced another song you may have heard on the radio once or twice this year, The Weeknd's "The Hills." So, yeah, you're in good hands. Check out "iPhone Bling" below: