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Stream Oddball Legend Gary Wilson's New LP - 'Alone with Gary Wilson'

Beloved by Earl Sweatshirt, Animal Collective, and Ariel Pink, this bizarrely brilliant cult artist returns.

"We'll laugh through the night / And I'll hold you so tight / I'm gonna be real clean," sings Gary Wilson on "Let's Walk on a Dream." If this is what it's like to be alone with Gary Wilson then we're down. Sounds ideal, honestly. The skinny on Wilson is extensive and weird and wonderful and we bullet pointed it all here, when we premiered recent tune "I Really Dig Your Smile."

Some pertinent refresher course points include: Earl Sweatshirt loves him and Wilson had a mannequin head sidekick way before Makonnen. But back to the tunes at hand. Below is the full stream of Wilson's synthy-strange pop record, Alone With Gary Wilson, out on 9.24 via Cleopatra. Full of louche, 70s key-driven grooves that'll find favor with fans of Ariel Pink (who is, along with Animal Collective, also a fan), this collection is sure to inject a spring in your step. It's perky like a puppy at meal time.

Even when he's singing tunes entitled "Please Don't Make Me Cry Tonight" he sounds resolutely upbeat. Other highlights include the pleather funk of "You Looked So Cool When We Were Dancing." Yes to that organ. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite would totally slowdance with Lafawnduh to this. Sway to Wilson's beat.

Kim Taylor Bennett loves to sway. She's on Twitter.