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Dead to a Dying World Has Welcomed the Apocalypse with 'Litany'

The sound of the end of the world, now coming to a gig near you.

If you ever wanted to hear the sound of the apocalypse, look no further.

Dead to a Dying World are here with a ripping hour and thirteen minutes of epic doom-crust black metal on their sophomore release, Litany. We all know that Dallas, Texas can churn out some monster bands of all different varieties. But this right here. Seriously. There are some moments where you want to bang your head, and others where you feel more appropriate kneeling down to pray. That could be an effect of the band having seven members with instrumentation from viola, guitar, bass, drums, piano, and orchestra bells.


And if somehow this album wasn’t enough for you, they are hitting the road in a big way, so you can witness the band in its full glory in a town near you. Or catch them at the infamous Roadburn 2016, where they will be appearing with bands like Neurosis, Amenra, La Muerte, Astrosoniq, Skepticism.

Check out a stream of their new album and tour dates below.