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Dave Grohl Looks Back on His Time at Tower Records in Our Exclusive Clip from 'All Things Must Pass'

"I got a job at Tower Records because that's the only place I could get a job with my fuckin' haircut."
October 7, 2015, 6:00pm

In the wake of the record industry's collapse, few of its brick-and-mortar casualties still carry quite the recognition and clout as Tower Records. But as the forthcoming Colin Hanks-directed documentary All Things Must Pass will tell you, there's more to the story of the iconic Sacramento-born chain's rise and fall than the ascendance of digital music.

In its heyday, Tower boasted more than 100 locations across 20 states and 18 countries, many of which served as havens for misfits and musicians in search of the latest imports and a lax dress code. One of them was none other than Dave Grohl, who worked as a clerk at Tower's Washington DC outpost in the early 90s.

Below, in an clip from the film exclusive to Noisey, Grohl and Tower founder Russ Solomon reflect on working at Tower and its role and influence among a generation that refused to cut its hair to get a job.

All Things Must Pass hits theaters October 16. For more information and screening dates and locations, visit the film's website.

Andrea Domanick spent her teens loitering at Tower Records. Follow her on Twitter.