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Open Mike Eagle Remixes Speedy Ortiz's "Puffer"

Greatness gets better.
May 30, 2016, 7:21pm

Isn't it great when two artists in totally different genres team up to make something seemingly made of magic? Take for example this new remix of Speedy Ortiz's "Puffer" by none other than Open Mike Eagle. The track came from their 2015 pipe bomb Foil Deer (a record so good we couldn't help ourselves from naming them one of our artists of the year), and in the context of the record it was a brooding pause before they heaped on more quickness. What the Chicago hip-hop artist was able to do was morph and bend the track into something with more grooves and beats, all while retaining the enchanting quality of the original. Hopefully there's more out-of-left-field mixes to come from Speedy.