Good News, People! Towkio's New EP 'Community Service 2' Is Here Now

SaveMoney's utility man gets the job done, featuring a little help from Joey Purp, Vic Mensa, Smoko Ono, and others.
July 8, 2016, 1:49pm

"We celebrate because it feel like we made it / and cop that spaceship cause the moon is where we bout to take it" Towkio declares at the outset of Community Service 2. And, uh, is he wrong? Unlikely.

Towkio has increasingly proven himself to be SaveMoney's utility man, whether he's crooning alongside Justin Bieber on Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book or parachuting in for a clutch verse on theMIND's recent album Summer Camp. His triumphant 2015 hit "Heaven Only Knows" was in many ways the ouverture for the bubbly sound of this year's SaveMoney summer—but insofar as there is a Chicago sound right now, Towkio is the firecracker underneath it making it splinter out in 18 different directions. Bottom line is: You should be very excited about what he's got in store, and his new EP Community Service 2 is a good sampler.

Windmilling through excited party rap, Talladega Nights jokes, and references to a pharmacy's worth of drugs, Community Service 2 also pulls up to take a sober look at community violence on "Tear drop" and showcases the darker implications of the reasoning for that drug use on "Therapeutic." The Vic Mensa collaboration "G W M," which namedrops acquaintances like Jay Z and Yoncé, and the Joey Purp-featuring shit-talking sesh "Playin Fair" both appear here, which should get you ready to punch the shit out of your enemies and friends alike. "Guess I'm just a lonely rolling stone / rock star put it on my tomb" Towkio raps, and, well, true. This shit slaps. And it's just the beginning: "just know that World Wide Wav coming soon" Towkio hints, also. Chicago's secret weapon is on a tear. Do some good in your community and listen up now:

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