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Listen to a New Screaming Females Track Ahead of Their Debut Australian And New Zealand Tour

The Philly punks gift us a track from their exclusive Australian and New Zeland tour edition album.

Image: Christopher Patrick Ernest

Screaming Females have done their share of van miles. In ten-years the Philadphelpha three-piece - Marissa Paternoster, Michael Abbate and Jarrett Dougherty - have spent more hours on the US highway system than some punks have spent in the US education system. We’re talking quadruple digits as far as live shows go. That’s a lot of Taco Bell sachets! They are about to add to this list with their first tour or Australia and New Zealand.


To celebrate the tour they are about to release an exclusive Australian and New Zealadn tour edition of their sixth full-length album Rose Mountain, complete with B-sides and demos.

With a sound that has been compared to equal parts Dinosaur Jr and Sleater-Kinney we have to ask “are you ready to rock the fuck out?” Listen to the track “Skeletons” from the album and read an interview with drummer Jarret and respond with an emphatic “Hell yeah!”

Noisey: You have a solid US following. When you announced the Australian and New Zealand tour people were both excited and upset that it didn't include their part of the United States. Are there many places in the US you haven't toured?
Jarrett Dougherty: We’ve played 49 of 50 states (and Washington, DC and Puerto Rico). So other than Alaska we've been pretty much everywhere! It is amazing how often people comment on a post by saying "You should come to XXXX" and we were literally just there. On one of the Australia posts someone said, "You should try coming to Michigan sometime. People here would really appreciate it if you came back!" To which I responded, "We have two shows in Michigan next week." I don't blame people but I wish I couldn't figure out how to get our tour dates in peoples' faces. I guess posting on our website, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram isn't enough.

How important is a tour manager?
We’ve never had one. They are good if you want to waste your money. I mean if you have the money to waste it’s probably nice. Knowing that I have to talk to someone about money at the end of the night helps keep me a little bit sober which is for the best since we tour 100+ days a year.

The title of the track that we are premiering reminds me of the Misfits.
It was recorded during the Rose Mountain session. As our previous two albums had been double LPs, the mantra for Rose Mountain had been "Trim away the excess". “Skeleton” is a weird song with some ignorant riffs, time changes, Pumpkins-esque lead lines, and a lot of screaming. It is a gnarly track but I feel like it really is best on its own. It doesn't seem to fit alongside the other tracks as well.

Screaming Females Australia and New Zealand:
Aug 4 - Brisbane at Crowbar
Aug 5 - Byron Bay at The Great Northern (free entry)
Aug 6 - Melbourne at the Curtin
Aug 7 - Ballarat at the Eastern
Aug 11 - Canberra at the Phoenix
Aug 12 - Wollongong at Rad
Aug 13 - Sydney at Oxford Art Factory
Aug 17 - Auckland at Whammy Bar
Aug 18 - Tauranga at Totara Street
Aug 20 - Raglan at YOT Club