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Pornstar Playlists: Bonnie Rotten

We asked the tattoo-titted adult film star about what kind of music she likes to get down to and advice on dating musicians.

Pornstars are fascinating people. Really. For several hours a week, they stuff various items into their perfectly bleached buttholes as we watch from the other side of a laptop in the comfort of our own homes. But after we close our laptops and get a towel to clean ourselves off, we sometimes forget that they go on to live in the world as real people. And since real people listen to music, we were curious about what pornstars listen to while they are and are not engaged in butthole pluggery.


First up is one of our favorite pornstars, the immensely intimidating tattoo-titted freakwoman, Bonnie Rotten

What kind of music are you into? What are your favorite bands?
I am mostly into rap music. I used to be really into metal and punk but I kind of deprived myself from rap so much that when I truly discovered it, I couldn’t stop! I love old Jeezy, Three 6 Mafia, Nas, 2 Chainz, DJ Drama, Juicy J. All the fun stuff you can dance to. I also am into house, dub, drum and bass, EDM…

What do you listen to to amp yourself up for a scene?
I usually listen to rap music—makes me feel sexy and gets my body ready for a good tease sequence.

What song or songs make for the best fuck music?
I don’t typically fuck to music but dub step is fun.

You have a Frank Sinatra tattoo. Why?
I love Frank Sinatra. I listened to him a lot when I was young. I can sing many of his songs. I got the tattoo because I actually went through a big breakup and did nothing but listen to Frank Sinatra so I was a bit obsessed.

Do you have any other music-related tattoos?
I do. I have a Kreator tattoo. Death metal band. I’m sure you have heard of them. It's lyrics from "Material World Paranoia," from the album Coma of Souls. It says, “The promise of a better future is a lie."

What advice would you give on dating/fucking musicians?
Don't let image fool you.

If you could fuck one musician, who would it be and why?
Mmm… I think it would have to be Frank Sinatra. He was just such a sexy and classy man.

Marry/Fuck/Kill: Macklemore, Drake, Riff Raff.
Kill: Riff Raff. Marry: Macklemore. Fuck: Drake.

Lastly, what's the funniest/weirdest thing that's ever happened on set?
I got a strawberry stuck up my asshole and I couldn’t get it out on set so I had to go home with it and it didn’t come out for a couple days.

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