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Premiere: Blonde Redhead "Dripping"

The finest cut from their latest album gets some suitably slinky visuals.

Back in July we premiered Blonde Redhead's track "Dripping"—a dark, sexy second single song lifted from their ninth record Barragán—and now we have some suitably slinky visuals to go along with it. Shot in east London the NYC trio perform dipped in rose red, they lurk in the foggy half-light, we view them through misted glass and refracted light. Blonde Redhead are always something of a mystery and that's just the way we like them.

The "Dripping" video was created by London label AllSaints who launched AllSaints Studios, to work in collaboration artists such as Kings of Leon, Dum Dum Girls, Richard Hell, Roots Manunva, Polica—the result of which we premiered here—to create performance videos and original content.