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Firsties and Faves: Option4 Shares His Love of the Panda Cam and a Remix of Panama Wedding's "All of the People"

The Denver artist talks about his unusual first job and shares a killer new remix.

Denver's Option4 knows the formula to a good remix: one hit song plus a knack for highlighting the hook of that song equals one hell of a summer jam. His style has provided an upbeat addition to the indie scene, with remixes of artists like Elizabeth Rose and Great Good Fine Ok. His newest track proves that he's what the people need in a time of heavily produced and watered-down work. The remix, of Panama Wedding's "All Of The People," is both catchy and unpredictable, so it's the perfect track to get lost in. It's not necessarily a party anthem, but that's part of Option4's appeal.


Option4 also gave us a little remix of his life with some Firsties and Faves:

First DJ set you experienced live:
Might have been SUPER spoiled here, but the first set I ever saw was Fatboy Slim headlining Red Rocks when I was 16. The Chemical Brothers opened for him, and basically I was never the same since

First drug experience:
I actually don't do drugs at all. Never have. I grew up in a household that kind of got destroyed by drug addiction, so I've always been opposed to substance abuse from a young age. That being said I've always loved beer and started drinking that at a young age and never quit. Probably never will. I love beer. HATE liquor though. I think that's a TRAP! No one really likes the taste of liquor. Hahahaha.

First time lying to your parent(s):
OH MAN! TOTALLY remember this. I lied to my Mom about stealing gum from a 7-11. We weren't allowed to chew gum growing up, so it was a BIG deal to me when I was a five-year-old shoplifter. Got beaten silly for that. Haha.

First celebrity crush:
Awww, dang it haha. Lil Kim. Don't tell anyone.

First time you made a huge mistake and/or got into a lot of trouble:
Oh, definitely when I stole my best friend's parent's car. I got SO busted. That was a real tough weekend for me. Haha.

First job:
My first job was when I was about 11. As horrifyingly embarrassing as this is, I used to do voiceover work in San Francisco. I worked about 15 hours a week or so? But I made bank, and my parents took it all. I DID get to keep $5 an hour though. I bought a Game Gear and NBA Jam. I was basically balling out of control for a fifth grader. I also always got to wear new Starter jackets. That was a thing back then I believe. Haha.


First thing you remember when you hear the word “first grade”:
DOOOOOOOOD. Ms. Woodword. Pike Elementary in Colorado Springs (before I moved to San Francisco). She was old but really nice, and I hugged her EVERY DAY when I left school. Kids made fun of me. Hopefully she sees this. I'd still hug her. But she's probably dead. This got a bit morbid all of the sudden. Sorry.

Favorite place to people watch in Denver:
Definitely LODO. It's full blown amateur hour. All of the basics, all in one spot, acting like “tonight's gonna be a good good night.”

Favorite sound engineering/DJ program to use:
That's a great question. I'm actually quite an advocate of Reason. Kidnap Kid and I have had long talks about how we might be the only ones left that use it primarily. However, I sent him a tweet the other day stating I'm actually moving to the dark side and going all Logic for production starting next week. So for my next Original EP it'll all be done in Logic. As long as I can figure out how to use it.

Favorite website to waste time on:
Oh this is EASY. PANDA CAM! At the San Diego Zoo! It's AMAZING.

Favorite moment/memory at a concert:
Dang, this isn't even a hard one for me. It's a tie. Definitely Daft Punk Alive Tour 2007 at Red Rocks. The moment when the red laser disappeared and then entered the pyramid like a little Tron light for their encore. PRETTY sure I died a little. The next is definitely when Todd Edwards came and played my party. He sang “Face to Face” LIVE, then turned to me and told me I restored his faith in music. One of the best concerts ever.


Favorite clothing brand? I love your sloth shirts I keep seeing on Facebook:
HA! Yes, ANYTHING with a sloth on it. I'm big into sloths lately. But that withstanding, I'm all about my local Denver brands: Jibberish, So-Gnar, Ruckus. That's about all I wear.

Favorite body part:
NOT FEET. Haha. Hate feet.

Favorite song to sex to:
Umm, let's all be honest here. The most romantic song ever written is the Space Jam theme by Quad City DJ's. I'll leave it at that. Hahaha.

Sarina Bloodgood is wearing a sloth T-shirt right now, too. She's on Twitter - @sarinabloodgood


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