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Programm Try to Literally Keep Love Afloat For New Video "Waiting"

The Toronto band want to know how deep is your love?

Screencap via YouTube

Programm is a Toronto-based electronic shoegaze band that definitely do not mind getting their feet a little wet. And the music video for "Waiting", off their debut album A Torrid Marriage of Logic and Emotion, is a testament to this. Shot in Tobermory, Ontario, the cinematic video chronicles the age old battle of humanity versus nature as a couple try to stay afloat amidst turbulent rapids while a wave of electronic infused shoegaze plays through the visuals.

"'Waiting' is the one song who's lyrics I won't discuss with anyone, including the band," Programm explains. "We self-released older versions of this song years ago, so there may be other explanations out there, but those are just me making up what the song could be about. They're not true. Often, songs lyrics [can] just pour out of you." Watch the video below.

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