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We're Throwing a Huge Punk Party with Bands and DJs and Everything

See you in the pit.

We are currently at the dawn of a new golden age of alternative music. From bands like Perfect Pussy and Against Me! who are opening up dialogue and redefining the meaning of punk, to the increasingly political nature of UK rock acts like Architects and Enter Shikari, to the new wave of young musicians combatting industry sexism on their own terms, noisy music is kicking and screaming it's way into the public forum again in an exciting way. Despite working with pretty much the same format since the dawn of the distortion pedal, punk, emo, hardcore and all its gloriously unhinged sub-genres have all continued to endure, evolve and inspire over time, leading us to the new generation of bands we see working against the grain of parental taste in 2015.


Noisey loves noisy music, so we're throwing a massive party to tell everyone about it. It's called Punk In Love, it'll be popping off on April 17 at The Stillery in Camden and feature everyone's two favourite things: MUSIC and MORE MUSIC!

Live sets from Super Luxury and Feature will kick things off on the night, followed by a DJ set from Laura-Mary of Blood Red Shoes fame. If that wasn't enough, Noisey's dedicated purveyors of racket, Emma Garland and Hannah Ewens, will be there to carry you arse-first through to 4am with B2B bangers from the 80s to now.

Basically it's going to be loads of screaming, sweaty, air-punching fun and you'd be mental not to show up, rip the sleeves off your top, and kiss goodbye to your voice in the most debauched way imaginable.

Starting April 13, Noisey will also be running a series of special editorial content under the banner of "Punk In Love", initiating a closer focus on new bands and labels that are changing the genres, as well as looking back at key figures who helped shape them.

RSVP and get involved with Punk In Love on the Facebook event page. Entry will cost you approximately no pounds.

See you in the pit.