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Who Knew a Dude Named Young Bong Could Get This Deep?

The Danish rapper's video for "“Den Anden Vej” is a claustrophobic plunge into a catchy song.

Clawing his way out of an Aarhus basement alongside fellow rapper Emil Stabil is Young Bong—a Danish rapper who marks his first-ever official release with “Den Anden Vej”.

The chorus - "jorden drejer den ene vej, Young Bong går den anden vej" - translates to “the world turns one way, Bong goes the other way”. There’s something refreshing about getting a message about the existential qualms that come with big city life in a modern world…from a dude who goes by the name Young Bong. There’s clearly more to the esteemed Mr. Bong than money, bitches and weed puns—but we knew that. This guy dragged us to a high art museum, for goddsakes. This message resonated with video director Rasmus Rørbæk, who mirrors Young Bong’s existential void with hectic and dynamic depictions of downtown Copenhagen—cleverly Frankenstein’ed together with clips and samples.

Young Bong’s rhymes are pretty tight, and remember: it’s no easy task to sound gangsta in Danish, a language so unforgiving it often reminds us of its not-so-distant past as runes chiseled in rock. His beats will get you on your feet and his flow will knock you right back off them. He spits raw and coarsely—a dope contrast to his deeply melodic and poetic lyricism.

In short, we think YB is the bomb—and this debut single is all the proof you need to make hitting this Bong a priority.