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Watch Erik Hassle's Video for "Talk About It"

We can't stop listening to this.

Do you remember Erik Hassle? The Swedish singer originally emerged in 2008 at just 20, with a poof of tightly coiled red hair and a crop of slickly-synthy, radio-ready pop songs like "Hurtful" and "Don't Bring Flowers." They were big hits (particularly in Europe), but for us his output was missing something: it was almost too cleanly crafted, the edges too rounded off. Erik's new stuff, on the other hand, is next level and we've been listening to the 25-year-old's latest song, "Talk About It" (out today), for days. Kicking off with pared back beats reminiscent of SBTRKT's "Wildfire," Erik's vocals ache with the passion of Prince and the modern pop nous Timberlake. And as for the lyrics—oof—they communicate the torrid, wrenching throes of really wanting someone even as they're fucking you up.

The video suitably spare too, shot in muted tones, with a slight blonde babe looking devastated. We are obsessed.