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The Great Coldplay Lyrics Hunt, Coldplay by Play

Breaking news updates from Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" lyrics hunt.

Coldplay is releasing a new album. Ghost Stories, on May 19. People are fucking amped. And like most Coldplay albums, we can expect the lyrics to be a major focus on Ghost Stories, which is why, when the band announced one of the best promotional stunts for an album ever on April 28, people were even more fucking amped. Here's what it was:

Per the band's website:

Ghost Stories lyrics hidden in libraries worldwide


28 April 2014 1:20 pm

Fans asked to help unveil handwritten lyrics

Good afternoon. The band have decided to reveal the lyrics for all nine songs from the upcoming Ghost Stories album by hiding Chris’s handwritten lyric sheets in libraries worldwide. The lyrics will be hidden in ghost story books in libraries in nine countries, located across the planet.

Clues to the exact locations of the lyrics will be posted from today on the band’s Twitter account - - using the hashtag #lyricshunt. Fans will be encouraged to help solve the clues and visit their local library to see if they can find an envelope containing one of the unique lyrics sheets.

As each one is discovered, a photo of that particular lyric sheet will be posted, for everyone to see.

One of the hidden envelopes also contains a special Golden Ticket, giving the finder (and a guest) a free trip to London to see Coldplay perform at the Royal Albert Hall on 1 July.


The mysterious Anchorman also laid out the rules on Twitter, in English and Español:

Fans immediately went into hyperdrive, praising what a cool idea it was. But this quickly gave way to wondering how they could possibly look through all the world's libraries and whether or not trolls would get to them first. On fan forum, Coldplay fan "The Master" wondered: "Does any of you know a way to do this efficiently? I searched for 'ghost' on the website of one of my local libraries and 470 books showed up :| I can't go through 500 books, that would take me weeks." Forum user "Batman" had some concerns as well:


There isn't a way. Coldplay (or the people who did this nice little marketing trick) are a bunch of pain-in-my-precious-butt-TROLLS. Talk about looking for a needle in a freaking haystack. I guess you really have to try your luck and search for any books related to ghosts, children stories abouts ghosts, books about paranormal stuff that involves ghost, books about photographs with ghost on them or whatever. I'm waiting for more information about this before I move a finger!

Fortunately, Coldplay was not about to leave its fans high and dry without a shoulder to lean on. Soon, they leaked the first clue:

Thus we find ourselves in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, the former stomping ground of the Aztecs and present day stomping ground of many Coldplay fanatics. A magnificent city where, amid the library stacks, there might just be some "Magic."

Online sleuths quickly determined that the library in question had to be the city's Vasconcelos Library, the book Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, and many were off to the races:

But almost before most searchers could get there, the lyrics had been found:

Ernesto had uncovered the first of the lyrics sheets…but no Golden Ticket. The mystery, it seemed, was only growing….

HUNT 1 REPORT: Lyrics found: "Magic". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

For clue number two, it looks like we're heading hot on the trail on the legacy of British colonialism. That's right, in this tweet we're following legendary British statesman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to the city he founded, Singapore. And the book, well, it should be self-explanatory that we're looking for a book named after famous sixth albums. The Beatles' Long Tall Sally? Hail to the Thief? The Blueprint? No, you ninny! Coldplay's sixth album, Ghost Stories! While a few online sleuths assumed the book must be by Washington Irving, who authored famous ghost stories like "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," the correct answer was Peter Washington's Ghost Stories. And it didn't take long for it to turn up! Twitter user @per_phat_ion was on the case!


It was great news for Coldplay fans, but, alas, for @per_phat_ion, the satisfaction was limited to the excitement of finding the lyrics. She tweeted that she was going to frame them. But she didn't find the Golden Ticket. Seems like Coldplay was revisiting the colonial spirit of their country's proudest legacy, the British Empire! And like the proud explorers of those heady days of the Empire, they also had us wondering where they would go next…

EXCLUSIVE: Noisey reached out to @per_phat_ion, whose real name is Rachel, and landed an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW over email about the find:

How long did it take you to solve the clue when you saw it? How did you know what/where it was?
Well I found the envelope within an hour since anchorman tweeted the clue. What happened was that I was in the downtown area where the library was located with my friend when I saw the tweet so it didn't take too long for me to get to there. While on my way there I was looking through the replies to the clue Coldplay tweeted (since fans from other countries were suggesting a few possible books where the clue could be hidden in) and going through the library database search available online, which saved me quite some time in the library.

Were there other people at the library looking? Did the librarians know about it?
I'm not sure if the librarians knew about the lyric hunt since most of them didn't seem too suspicious of me - silently - stomping (creeping) around the library.There was this other girl hunting for the lyrics right opposite the shelf where the book was and I didn't actually realize that she was a fan until I found the lyrics and she came over to look at it. Of course we talked for a bit afterwards, and then we read the lyrics and the letter that came with it together. I'm pretty sure there were other fans searching for the lyrics at the library although I couldn't really identify them since, you know, most other people in the library are looking for books too.


What did you think when you found the lyrics?
I was initially in disbelief since earlier that morning I was doubting the fact that they might have hidden one of those elusive envelopes in my country and I didn't actually think that I could have found the lyrics since my little quest for the lyrics was simply a spur of the moment decision.

What do you think of the lyrics hunt concept?
I think it's a great promotional concept since it's a rather exciting way of revealing new lyrics. Of course, if it happens that a non-fan finds the envelope accidentally, hopefully it draws them to Coldplay and they become fans.

What is your favorite Coldplay lyric? Song? Album?
Trying to get me to pick my favourite Coldplay song is just like getting a mother to pick her favourite child…but if I had to pick a few, it would be Yellow, Fix You, Lovers in Japan and Us Against the World.

Yellow because it was the song that drew me to Coldplay and turned me into a fan, not to mention that the lyrics are so simple yet beautiful, Fix You because it's so raw and emotional (and there's a So You Think You Can Dance choreography by Travis Wall to Fix You which is so poignant and memorable.), Lovers in Japan and Us Against The World because both these songs create a really mellow and calm ambience that I enjoy.

Have you ever seen a Coldplay show?
Unfortunately, no since they've only brought their Viva la Vida tour to Singapore in 2009 and my parents thought I was too young to go to concerts then…but I did manage to catch the Mylo Xyloto tour movie in cinemas two years ago.


HUNT 2 REPORT: Lyrics found: "Another's Arms". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

Less than an hour after the second lyrics sheet had been uncovered, Coldplay shared a new clue:

We were off to the country of Finland, and the postal code included revealed that the city was Helsinki, or, as it's called in Finnish, Helsingfors. The book, online sleuths quickly determined, was Clive Barker's metafictional thriller Mr. B Gone. Clive Barker's Twitter shared in the excitement, while Coldplay reminded fans that even if they weren't in Helsinki the search was. still. underway:

Needless to say, the entire world was sitting on the edge of its proverbial seats. Fans were watching closely to see if anyone could find the coveted sheet of paper. And then: Someone did. Two people, in fact. Jenni, who wasn't on Twitter, and Heidi Harjula, who posted the update:

It had been barely an hour since the clue was posted, and the Internet was already rewarded with its next prize. The #lyricshunt was shaping up to be quite the global adventure! But one mystery still remained: Just where was that pesky golden ticket? We'd have to wait for the next clue to find out…

HUNT 3 REPORT: Lyrics found: "Always in my Head". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

Several hours after the landmark Helsinki find, Anchorman shared his most cryptic clue yet:

What could it mean? Perhaps a reference to George Orwell, or to singer Freddie Mercury? But what could they have in common? Aha! Barcelona! And so we were off, to the city of Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí, a city of arts and culture now hosting the greatest art and culture there is: Coldplay lyrics. What library? SP-SC…as any true Catalan enthusiast knows, that would have to be the Sant Pau-Santa Creu branch. And the book? ACD had to be Arthur Conan Doyle, people noted on Twitter, and his Devon dogs? Why, those dastardly Hounds of the Baskervilles


This one was fast. Judit Garriga tweeted that she had found the lyrics just half an hour after the clue was shared. What a bookworm!

This wasn't just any clue, though. This was the clue. The one everyone had been waiting for. The Golden Ticket, which meant the opportunity to fly to see Coldplay live. While a cynical observer might note that Barcelona-London is probably the cheapest airfare route of the locations yet revealed and therefore the most likely to get a free trip, this was truly the chance of lifetime. WHAT A LANDMARK MOMENT. But even if the Golden Ticket has been found, five lyrics sheets still remain. And there's no telling where in the world we'll be headed next…

HUNT 4 REPORT: Lyrics found: "True Love". Golden Ticket: Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Case status:

Much of the world slumbers, and the Coldplay Twitter account lies dormant. An uneasy calm has settled over the world's libraries, while, on the Internet, theories abound about where the next lyrics sheet will be. Coldplaying user Blue Nails shared one sobering theory: "Anyone else feel they might be doing this in countries where they're not touring for this album?" Meanwhile, some Twitter users are looking for a pattern and sharing their concerns:

Meanwhile, Anchorman shared one useful hint about where the next clue might lead. Well, sort of useful:

As the tension builds, only time will tell what's coming next…that is, unless a lucky fan stumbles across the lyrics on their own. What is going through the mysterious Anchorman's head right now? We can only wonder…Get searching, Coldplay fans, and may you Viva La Vida of good luck….


UPDATE: Just in time for the next set of clues, Coldplay tweeted what might have been their most important update yet. This recap has now become a meta-recap:

And then…

For those of us not from merry England, this one was a doozy to decipher. While most people in the world would assume that the place where Keef is overdue was a reference to Chief Keef, therefore sending us on the way to Chicago, apparently "Keef" is a nickname for fucking Keith Richards, who is from Dartford, England, which is in the county or possibly shire or whatever they're called in England of Kent. Which, if you're from England, you would know is called "The Garden of England" aka the "New Jersey of England" (which is through the tunnel from New York! Wow, the world is all just one big place that we're all living in together ^_^). So: Off to the reputedly haunted Dartford Library in Kent, where, of course, Heathcliff is busy pining for Catherine on the moors of Wuthering Heights. This was possibly the thorniest clue yet, but leave it to those clever Brits to figure it out.

Or not, apparently. This is why you should never trust British people with anything. All week people who don't even speak English as a first language have been deciphering these riddles, and then Coldplay hides a lyrics sheet in its own backyard and no one can find it. Go figure. Maybe it's just that this was the first clue to be in a place without millions of people in it. But there's a more sinister explanation, too: Clue 5 may be the point at which this whole charade begins to unravel. Mysteriously, when the lyrics were revealed, there was no associated Twitter user:


Interesting…no report, and then this lyric finding doesn't even come with a selfie? And it's the one in the very country where Coldplay has the most personal friends. Maybe I just have ghosts and mystery on the brain, but the facts here don't all add up. Guess we'll have to keep adventuring to find out what to expect next…

UPDATE: No doubt seeing that the Dartford library truther community was gaining steam, Anchorman tweeted at Noisey Coldplay correspondent Kyle Kramer last night to attempt to defuse the rumors about Dartfordgate:

This sounds like a nice story, but if you were covering up an inside job, isn't "Not an inside job. :-)" exactly what you would say? I don't know the answers, all I'm saying is, maybe you should ask George W. Bush who did 9/11 and see if he has an emoticon for you. So, mystery resolved, or was it?HUNT 5 REPORT: Lyrics found: "Oceans". Golden Ticket: No. Possible conspiracy: Yes. Case status: but also

This was it. The moment your Coldplay correspondent had been waiting for, the reason he had set up push notifications on his phone for Coldplay Twitter updates. New York. The Big Apple. Home to Jay Z, Broadway, and Slimer the ghost. From the beginning, those of us at the Noisey office had speculated that it was likely one set of lyrics was in New York. Your trusty Coldplay #lyricshunt correspondent had even wondered if it was worth going to the main branch of the New York Public Library and searching for ghost stories. And, despite it all, the moment came and went for me to be on the scene. I first saw the update nearly 45 minutes after it went live, so I was hopeless. Nonetheless, I ran out the door and headed for, of course, the famous setting of Ghostbusters, the main branch of the NYPL, on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue in New York City. I had no idea what the book was, but I'd play it by ear.


I never got the chance. Well before I had gotten close to the library, I got the update on my phone that the lyrics had been found: Nonetheless, I decided to keep going, certain that a scene of rabid Coldplay fans would await me when I made it and that the library would be abuzz with excitement.. Sure enough, when I arrived, there were people everywhere, many taking pictures. Everyone was really into this. Except it turns out that that's how it always is at the NYPL, which is a beautiful building and key tourist destination. I began asking museum staff and information people if they had seen any Coldplay fans or knew anything about the #lyricshunt. None of them had. One told me, helpfully, that she had seen a lot of people at one point. Another woman named Phyllis assured me I was in the wrong place, since the library where books could be checked out was across the street

I went there and looked up the book, which I knew by now from Twitter was Who's Haunting the White House by Jeff Belanger. It had been checkout out from the main building. I headed back, this time with a call number, but still spent half an hour looking, to no avail. There was nowhere here to check out a book. Whoever had found the lyrics so fast, the mysterious @ynikyonc, who had a private Twitter profile and hadn't shared a selfie, was clearly a pro. Even if I had made it to the library on time, I would have been toast.


It dawned on my to see if @ynikyonc was still around, and I reached out over Twitter. Only after I'd secured this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW was I able to figure out where the book had been and track it down. Here's what @ynikyonc had to say when I reached her over Twitter DM:

I'm a big CP fan & have been following the hunt. Hoped it'd be this library & today was there 9:30 to return a book. There were tourists queuing already. At 9:50 CP tweeted the clue so I headed to the kids section on ground floor. Started looking for the book but decided to ask librarian for exact location. The "open me…" envelope was in the book. Lyrics & the generic intrs to tweet #O #Coldplayfound.

So that was it. There had never been a chance. The winner had gotten there before the library even opened and the clue had even been shared. Damn. Coldplay fans, I'd learned, were next level intense.Just as I'd suspected, @ynikyonc was a highly skilled operative.

I finally found the kids section on the ground floor, where the librarians actually knew what I was talking about. They got excited when I asked and told me they'd counted at least 18 people who had come by that morning. The librarians had no idea about the contest, even after the lyrics had been found. Apparently, someone had come in the night before and asked if they had any ghost stories, but they thought nothing of it, and the person must have surreptitiously stashed the lyrics. "We don't know who put it in," one of the librarians, Yanny, told me. But it sounded like my plan of showing up to search the day before wouldn't have worked.


Today, people started pouring in immediately, and several arrived within minutes of our hero @ynikyonc, who had asked the librarians for help figuring out the book. The last guy who showed up even had a call number, but, like me, he had been lost in the library. "We didn't know what was going on," Yanny told me. Later, she added, "I think it was awesome, especially because nobody knew."

Along with the discovery of the lyrics, the New York date had uncovered a few more things about the lyrics hunt, even if your Coldplay correspondent hadn't actually had a prayer of finding the lyrics himself. We now knew the operating procedure and just what a stealthy operation this was. Wherever in the world we were headed next, this hunt was only becoming more intriguiging and mysterious…

UPDATE: Adding more mystery to the whole proceeding, Anchorman just dropped this bomb in an EXCLUSIVE statement to Noisey Coldplay correspondent Kyle Kramer on Twitter:

So the searcher on Tuesday night had most likely been a fan who got really close with no luck. Or a decoy to throw the librarians off the scent…Either way, the mysteries of the #lyricshunt continue to reveal themselves and, at the same time, grow more mysterious…

HUNT 6 REPORT: Lyrics found: "O". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

Just when those of us sleuths Stateside were packing up for the day, things were getting off to a roaring start on the other side of the world. The Apterygidae family is the scientific name for the Kiwi, which meant we were headed to the land of fantasy and sheep that is New Zealand. But one does not simply walk into Mordor, nor into Auckland, it would appear, as this clue was sending us to the only library on a Willow Street in New Zealand, in the city of Tauranga. Coldplay had promised to put clues in some smaller cities, and here they were following through. This was your trusty #lyricshunt correspondent's first time hearing of the city, for one. The book? Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. Anyway, this one was found in a flash, although not before our mysterious guide Anchorman tweeted out a clue:


Wait, is Coldplay Jewish? Are there any Jews in New Zealand? These are the questions that immediately sprung to mind when these Star of David bedecked lyrics emerged. Or was Chris Martin leaving a hint that the next clue would take us to Israel? Only time would tell….

HUNT 7 REPORT: Lyrics found: "A Sky Full of Stars". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

As night falls on the search for the penultimate clue, we may be left with more questions than we've answered. For instance: Where is the next clue? Now that the United States and England have been covered, the two most obvious locations are off the list. South America and Africa remain untouched, making them likely candidates. And England's great rival, France, would be another good one. But there are other questions as well, like "will we ever get answers about the great Dartford Library coverup?" and "what can we expect for Ghostbusters 3?" and "why is anyone still paying attention to this lyrics hunt?" and "is anyone still paying attention to this lyrics hunt, are we posting into the void?" Well, no matter. We've always been an intrepid news operation, dedicated to providing the most thorough guide to the world's most important Coldplay news, and we're not about to stop now. This is truly our Waterloo Watergate Woodward and Bernstein moment. Stay posted…

In the wee hours of the morning (for Americans, but also for Irish people in the sense that Irish people always say stuff like "wee"), a new clue emerged. This was a complex one, with a lot of sub clues. Right in the beginning, there was a subtle nod to our next destination, with Rejoyce hinting at Dublin's most famous author, James Joyce. But the author we were concerned about today was popular German children's book author Cornelia Funke, it appeared. And we were looking for a book with "bloodthirsty" in the title, which meant it had to be Ghosthunters and the Bloodthirsty Baroness. In both England and Ireland there are cities called Blackpool, so residents might have gotten excited, but, in this case, the Black Pool was Dublin, the name of which, per Wikipedia, "comes from the Irish name Dubhlinn or Duibhlinn, meaning 'black pool'." Done a drum was Dundrum Library, which is in Dublin's 14th postal district. So we were off! To the land of Joyce and Beckett and Yeats! A redoubt of culture, the shimmering Emerald Isle. Or, perhaps, a city too Guiness-drunk to follow a clue. Continuing to stoke millennia of British-Irish tension, Anchorman tweeted out more clues to the apparently hopeless Dubliners:


The book spine and a clarification that it was both a kids book and in the main city in Ireland. How much help did this literary capital need?

Clearly eager to stave off the hordes of Dartford truthers that had emerged in the wake of this incendiary blogger's groundbreaking revelations, Coldplay shared the name of the Twitter-less finder and retweeted a selfie from the runner-up, Emma Wilson. No conspiracies here, just keep moving…on to clue number nine, the final clue, the lyrics to "Ink," the coldest play. Where could Anchorman possibly take us next?

HUNT 8 REPORT: Lyrics found: "Midnight". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

Let's venture forth, adventurers, on this final hunt! It looks like we're headed to Johannesburg, also known as JHB, which claims to be the lightning capital of the world (and a lightning rod for racially driven politics)! The library in question is Rosebank library. A few Kenneths have ghost story collections, but it looks like the one in question is Kenneth Ireland's A Treasury of Ghost Stories.

But there was a wrench in the gears this time! As Coldplaying user Squallo quickly pointed out, Coldplay had made a tactical error because May 1 is a national holiday in South Africa, Workers' Day. Per Squallo: "it wasn't smart to publish that clue today……n_South_Africa" Reacting to the news, Coldplaying user dontgo said "lol there would be alot of people waiting in line if thats the case when it opens…" Interesting point…


And sure enough, with all the information on the table and plenty of lead time, Coldplay fans had to arrive early to win this hunt. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, except, in this case, the bird was "Coldplay fan" and the worm was "the lyrics to 'Ink.'" The winner? Courtney Griffiths, who woke up "at the crack of dawn":

A typical display of imperialist hubris on Britain's part, ignoring a holiday like that and then calling it pesky. Does Coldplay not respect the workers of South Africa? Or is this once again your sensationalist #lyricshunt correspondent stirring up false controversy? We may never know the answers because this discovery, alas, was the end of one of the greatest hunts in human history, the #lyricshunt. Truly a landmark event for everyone involved, and something that we'll all remember for the rest of our lives. Love you, Anchorman.

UPDATE: We reached out to Courtney and landed an #EXCLUSIVE interview. She told us what the scene at the Rosebank library was like and answered a few of our questions:

I saw the tweet with the South African clue yesterday as it came out and quite literally leapt into my car and sped off to the library, as it is less than a few blocks away from my house, however (and I'm not sure how) forgetting completely that it was a public holiday. 1st of May is always a holiday here in SA and so the library was closed much to my disgust as I would've had the lyrics almost immediately had it been open. So I did some digging and phoned every number on the internet to try and get someone to come and open for me, but no luck! Anyway I was determined to have these lyrics and so today I woke up at 5:30 AM and was ready waiting for the library to open (at 9 AM) before six. (I'd actually been there the night before again and slipped a note under the door pleading with the librarian to reserve the book for me) Anyway eventually I managed to get them later in the morning which was awesome!


Were there other people waiting there in the morning or who showed up before it opened?
There were a few people who arrived later than I did, but still before opening time and I believe quite a few arrived at nine hoping to get the lyrics. The library is very small and not very well known so I imagine there were far less people who turned up than in comparison to some of the other cities on the list.

What do you think of the lyrics hunt concept?
The lyrics hunt concept was a stroke of genius and it was both a masterful marketing move for the new album and an awesome way for fans around the world to get involved, even if they weren't the ones finding the lyrics. The Coldplay online community really seems to be full of great people willing to help each other out and everyone is buzzing with excitement now after the hunt, ready for Ghost Stories to be released, I had such fun today interacting with people from all over the world, who like me are huge fans of the band, which without the lyric hunt experience I would never have gotten. I love, love, loved it! Kudos, Coldplay you wonderful humans!

What is your favorite Coldplay lyric? Song? Album?
My favourites? Hmmm, like Rachel who found the lyrics in Singapore said, its almost impossible… but if I were to say an album then probably Viva la Vida, followed closely by MX, although I do adore their older stuff as well, classics like "Fix You", "Clocks" and "Don't Panic". Let's be honest, what of the last five albums and countless EPs isn't' there to love?


Have you ever seen a Coldplay show?
I was very fortunate to see Coldplay live in Johannesburg in 2011 on their first South African Tour just before MX came out, which was absolutely mind blowing! (and I do not use that term lightly). I have been lucky enough to see some of the top bands in the world live, and yet Coldplay still comes out on top, without a shadow of a doubt. My older brother who lives in the UK and who has seen far more renowned acts live than I have, has said exactly the same: Coldplay is number one.

HUNT 9 REPORT: Lyrics found: "Ink". Golden Ticket: No. Case status:

Wow, what a quest! We truly went to the ends of the earth for this one, getting lost, encountering trouble, traveling at the speed of sound, searching out lovers not only in Japan but also in Mexico, Singapore, Finland, Spain, England, the United States, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa. A noble quest indeed. There were hiccups along the way, conspiracies, wrong turns, and heartbreak. The status of Ghostbusters 3 is still up in the air. We may never get the answers about #Dartfordgate or any of the many other controversies manufactured by this blog. We may never know who Anchorman is…or will we? In an interesting twist, Anchorman tweeted early this morning that he had chosen all nine locations, out of a potential list of 200:

Does this mean that Anchorman was Chris Martin himself? Or did Chris just do the lyrics writing and turn the job over to Anchorman? If it was Chris Martin, thank you for tweeting at me, Chris. Maybe we can hang out when you come to New York on Monday. Smoothies? I'll buy. Maybe we can catch a movie or hit MoMA before your show. You know how to get in touch. At least say hi to Jay Z for me the next time you see him. If it was just Anchorman, same offer applies, I guess. I'd love you meet you, you wily conductor of the hunt!

Anyway, the hunt was beautiful while it lasted, but there are only a few possible endings to any hunt: the prey is caught, the prey escapes, or the hunter ends up skewered and killed by a boar. Let's all be thankful for outcome number one. Until the next Coldplay Alert! this is your trusty correspondent signing off. But first, a few more words from user iccp at Coldplaying, reflecting on our time together:

"This #lyrichunt was a nice idea. [nodding emoticon]"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Kyle Kramer is Noisey's Coldplay Breaking News correspondent. He's on Twitter, scanning the #lyricshunt hashtag - @KyleKramer


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