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Thee Nodes Went to the Future and Came Back Insane

Canadian punks head to Australia to share their idiot savant wisdom.
May 6, 2014, 8:19pm

Photo by Christina Pap

Thee Nodes are mental. Mr. Node, who leads the Montreal punks, performs in a suit with mummified toilet paper wrapped around his head. He usually ends up naked and sings/screeches into a voice manipulator that makes him sound like Stephen Hawking fronting the Spits. Songs are influenced by coffee and the spastic punk of the Swankys and Rudimentary Peni. One goes: "I am a NODE/ he is a NODE/ she is a n-nnnn-nn-n-nn-ODE/ we are THEE NODES/we are THEE NODES/ we are THEE NODES/1-2-3-4/"


For some unknown and perhaps just foolish reason they are about to tour Australia and play a bunch of shows with Melbourne thugs Gentlemen.

Mr. Node speaks.

Noisey: What’s up with the screeching vocals?
Mr Node: I don't know? Ask my Mama? That's the way she raised me. But you'll probably have a hard time with that because she's dead. R.I.P. Mama Node.

You claim to have been to the future. What’s going on there?
Yes that is correct, I have been to the future and back. The future is a dark, and depressing place to visit, let alone to live in. Unfortunately people got lazy and allowed the socialised media to inform their creative spirits and tell them who and what to like. Everyone has their eyes stuck on a screen, sucking it all in. Freedom of choice is gone, the individual has died. Everything is dull. There are volcanoes and acid rain.

What about the past? Montreal used to have a pretty ripping weird punk scene based around that whole Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos/CPC Gangbang crew. Do you have older guys telling you that shit was better back then?
No. But I've been around longer than you think. I've always been here. I've also been there. I've been everywhere. And if someone were to say that it was better then, they would be wrong because the grass is always greener on the other side and everybody wants to think that they are the ones cutting the grass. I hate the smell of fresh cut grass s just let it grow wild. Fun fact: our first demo as a full band was recorded by a former member of Spaceshits/Sexareenos/CPC Gangbangs. It's a small world.


The Mummies, Lightening Bolt, The Locust, Lana Del Rey. You’re not the first performer to hide behind a mask. I’m not so much intrigued by the mystery but more so on how hot it must get performing.
I hate everything about everyone. I look at the public face and all I see is a mask, but when I look at myself, that same masked face smiles back at me. And it doesn't get hot so much as it gets wet, but I don't mind because I like it when you make me wet.

Suits are designed to draw attention to the face and the hands. Ties draw attention to the penis. Do you prefer your tie loose or tight?
My suit is my uniform. I wear it in protest of the oppressive society I have allowed myself to exist in. Nine-to-five makes me feel un-alive, but it feels good to feel bad. If I could tie my tie tight enough to die I would, but whenever I get close enough I stop. I don't know why, maybe I'm just not ready to die.

Is one of you named Marc Leclure? I’m not sure that a name could get any more French-Canadian.
Band membership is as follows; Mr. Node speaks the truth, Marc the Narc shreds, Slick Nick is full of fuzz, and Vietnam Sam is drummer.

What is your knowledge of Australian freak punks such as the Zingers and Vaginors?
If the freaks are united, they will never be divided. No borders, no rules, only rock and roll.

If someone comes to one of your Australian shows which song should they get excited about when you introduce to pretend like they know all your songs?
We all pretend that we are something/someone that we are not. Why be something that you're not?

Get Thee Nodes wet during their Australian Tour this month:

15 May in Melbourne at the Tote


16 May in Melbourne at the Tote

17 May in Adelaide at the Metro

18 May in Adelaide – TBA

19 May in Melbourne at Northcote Social Club

21 May in Canberra at the Belconnen Football Club

22 May in Sydney at Black Wire Records

23 May in Sydney at the Square

24 May in Brisbane at Upstairs 199

25 May in Brisbane at the Underdog Pub