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'Die Screaming' With a Stream of the New Satan's Satyrs

FFO: beer, bikinis, motorcycles, and rock n roll

DC-area trio Satan's Satyrs not only have the greatest name in metal right now, they back it up with similarly sleazy punk-inflected metal with touches of psych and doom. Think of the aesthetics of the exploitative 70s, the attitude of Midnight and an acid-drenched Blue Cheer with the propulsive-ness of Motorhead. Their 2012 LP Wild Beyond Belief was enough to land them a slot at Roadburn in 2013 as guests of Electric Wizard, but the band was already plotting more mayhem in the months following the release including a live LP and a pair of 7"s.


Now comes their latest ode to the dark one and all of the sinful trimmings that come with, the new LP Die Screaming due via Trash King in the US and Bad Omen Records in the EU. Fans of big motorcycles, cold beers, and bikini-clad ladies that dance sexy to Hawkwind, rejoice. Stream it in full below.