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Rotting Christ Is A Melting Pot Of Hatred And Ill Will Towards Man

One of the most prolific - and pioneering - in black metal, Rotting Christ currently touring around the world promoting their 11th album, Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy. The name refers to an old saying from their homeland in Greece and is also engraved on the

One of the most prolific - and pioneering - in black metal, Rotting Christ currently touring around the world promoting their 11th album, Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy. The name refers to an old saying from their homeland in Greece and is also engraved on the tomb of Jim Morrison, taken from the writings of Aleister Crowley. The message, which the vocalist and guitarist Sakis best explains in the interview below, is the same that would fit in any rhetoric for individual freedom: be true to yourself.


It is not a new philosophy for those who have followed the band from the beginning, or at least know the history of the group formed in Athens in 1987 by Sakis and his brother, drummer Themis Tolis. Since inception, Rotting Christ sought out and encouraged the discovery of the hidden, married to the premise that man's worst enemy is himself. The new work expands the musical horizons of traditional black metal, resulting in an album full of multicultural ingredients and references to ancient societies. Few bands in the genre manage to stay inventive and relevant after so many years on the road, so we took the hook and went after Sakis. The results are below.

Noisey: 25 years after the formation of the band, you are considered one of the pioneering groups of the extreme metal. Was it a conscious decision to explore new worlds?
Sakis: Jeez, buddy, firstly, thanks for the comment, it's an honor to hear that. We were more than proud whenever we come across reviews like this about our band. It's what keeps us on track and always ready to keep the spirit alive for another 25 years, never straying from our way of making metal. Anyway, it was not a consciously devised, I think style is all a product of experience. We are proud to have been able to create our own universe, and pleased to note that our particular world has something in common with other worlds so far from us.

Rotting Christ always had a rotating cast of members. How do you think these people helped to broaden the musical horizons of the band?
They helped us with live performances, and for that we are grateful. But to tell the truth, the spirit of the band has always been dictated by my brother and I from the beginning, and I hope that any new band members maintain that footprint and jump into that same abyss. It is difficult to keep the original spirit of a band intact with so many individuals involved, especially when we pass the age of 40. The important thing is that we live and struggle for the same idea, that the battle is one, and that we continue at the same pace until the end. It would not make sense to walk a path and without the search for excellence!


How is the metal scene in Greece today? Do you feel responsible for having pioneered and inspired an entire generation of headbangers in their home country? Sort of like type bands Sepultura did in Brazil.
Many journalists make the Brazil/Sepultura comparisons with us here in Greece. It is a joy to know that our lifestyle and faith in our ideals influenced an entire generation, and I have no reason to hide that I feel responsible for it. It makes me happy to see new kids forming bands that reach beyond the borders of Greece.

The title of the new album is a message encouraging people to act according to their own will, correct? Is this a criticism of a band lacking direction? Why choose a Greek title and not English? Are there any references to Greek mythology the whole concept?
The saying Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy is ancient Greek that can be loosely translated to mean "Be True to His Spirit Self", something dear to us in this era devoid of personality and originality. The concept of the album deals with a multiculturalism that glorifies the idea of ​​individual freedom.

Rotting Christ

Where did you get the inspiration for the concept?
It came from my interest in the history of ancient civilizations as well as the apocryphal and occult knowledge that this study reveals. It also inspired me in the album's creation as well. Welcome to my dark realm beyond the sun!

What most influences you creatively?
All that is obscure and apocryphal, yet skeptical, gives me satisfaction and makes me want to write. Unfortunately, I can not create when I'm happy, my creativity arrives in times of discontent. That does not mean I'm a sad and depressed man, it's more about me expressing myself in those moments.

One thing I find insane about the trajectory of Rotting Christ is that your prolificacy. Between releases there has never been more than a two or three year hiatus, right? How do you do to stay productive and qualitative? Do you write or record every idea that comes into your head and never stop composing?
We have a strong presence in terms of discography, and this is because we are individuals who are always looking to create something. It is a vibration, a need that does not pass. Being the composer in the band, I'm a guy who lives in search of the next record. I am constantly worried about a subject or questions, and sometimes it is a nightmare for me, so that everything ends up being reflected in the music. It is a personal need that makes me expressive and has helped me feel alive and creative after all these years.

Rotting Christ in Brazil

This interview originally appeared on Noisey Brazil.