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We Had a (Laser) Fight with VICE + joined The Order of Never Hide

Ray-Ban want you to join The Order of Never Hide and win tickets to Bestival.
May 29, 2014, 11:35am

All the best people in the world challenge themselves. Bob Dylan picked up the electric guitar, Kanye West turned his voice into a robot, and Radiohead have released album after album of invariably different soundscapes. Challenges change the world. However, for people like me and you, challenging yourself can be hard; especially when the only reward seems to be less time to have fun.

Thankfully, as part of #TheOrderofNeverHide campaign, the kind people at Ray-Ban are rewarding the brave folk out there who are willing to hang out in public in their pants, chat up randoms on the street and confess their most intimate secrets on the world wide web. There are a bunch of awesome prizes up for grabs, including five pairs of tickets to the multi-award winning Bestival on the Isle of Wight and a money-cant-buy trip for two to The Order Of Never Hide exclusive London event.

One of the challenges on The Order Of Never Hide platform is the Tough as Leather challenge. We think we’re pretty tough so this week the staff of Noisey hit up Bunker 51 to take on VICE at a game of Laser Quest. Maybe it doesn’t sound that tough but it was really dark and damp inside, there was a funny smell, someone fell over a barrel, and after an hour of running around a disused warehouse we were a bit of a mess. Watch the video above to see how the team was put through their paces and if you want to prove that you’re tougher than us, join The Order of Never Hide and prove your toughness. The toughest people win points and points mean prizes.

Visit and sign up to the secret community to get involved.