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Weekly Drop: The Week Kanye West Projected His New Song On To 66 Buildings

There's also new tracks from the Smith Westerns, Dusky, Britney Spears and Mount Kimbie's new record is also streaming in full.
May 20, 2013, 2:00pm

Kanye West - "New Slaves"

Who said that the music industry was running out of money? This year's promotional campaigns for new records have been showered in just as much dollar as Oasis spent on gak in the run-up to Be Here Now. First, we had Justin Timberlake and Bowie set the internet alight with unexpected comeback records. Then, Daft Punk started putting up posters all over the world and teasing their new record on Saturday night television. Now, Kanye has upped his promotional game in the most Kanye way possible, by projecting his track, “New Slaves”, on to 66 buildings across the world. On Saturday, he also premiered another new track titled “Black Skinhead” on Saturday Night Live. The former, featuring Frank Ocean and the latter sampling Marilyn Manson. Both tracks teeter upon a dystopian soul vibe that suits our austerity ridden times. A perfect introduction to #YeezySeason.


Britney Spears - "Ooh La La"

When cinema-goers are sat watching the new Smurfs movie, they'll be greeted by the bubblegum pop of old stalwart, Britney Spears. Over the weekend, the 31-year-old released "Ooh La La", a sugar-coated ball of sweetness drizzled with the same type of pop syrup that Katy Perry lapped up on "California Gurls". In case you're planning in advance, Smurfs 2 is coming to the big screen on July 31.

Mount Kimbie - "Cold Spring Fault Less Youth"

You can draw a straight line from Radiohead through Floating Points, Burial and every nerdy guy in a flatback cap from the home counties who only listens to FACT mixes and J.Dilla and arrive at Mount Kimbie. They are super geeky guys, and we love them for that, but unlike their imitators their desire for originality never crosses over into the self-indulgent. Their latest record, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, is as caring as it is calculated, full of crashing time signatures that don't ever resolve and King Krule's heartbreaking spoken word. It's streaming now on the NPR website, which tells you everything you need to know.

Dusky - "My Way"

The en vogue genre continues its plague-like contagion of every spring/summer activity with this entry from Dusky. Despite every Tom, Dick and fist-pumping vest wearer trying to make the stuff, the London duo have separated themselves from the froth with consistent, authentic nods to early 90s house. This remix of “My Way” – originally arranged by Aus Music head honcho, Close – doesn’t dip in quality and was aired on BBC Radio 1 over the weekend by B Traits who is covering the Annie Mac show while she prepares to have her baby.

Smith Westerns - "3am Spiritual"

There’s something really endearing about the Smith Westerns. They make the sort of music that I’d be comfortable listening to while wearing a knitted jumper and roasting in front of the fire with my girlfriend’s parents, but, also music that would be totally appropriate for a blessed-out morning drive after an evening getting stoned. They’ve just announced the release of their new record Soft Will, which is out June 25 via Mom + Pop. In the meantime, though, here’s a first listen to the record’s opening track.