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Wait 1 Sec, Novelist and Mumdance Have Released a New Song and the Video is Here

Today, Novelist becomes a man.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Novelist turned 18 today so it would be wise to assume he's knee-deep in bottles, zoots, and supermarket-bought caterpillar cake right now. He isn't like most 18 year olds though - Nov's got a record deal and was included on the BBC Sound of 2015 list which is the reason why, on the anniversary of his birth, he's released a song called "1 Sec". The beat is provided by Mumdance - who worked on Novelist's breakout track "Take Time" and follow-up "Shook" - and the song features a directory of topics Novelist wants to take one second to talk about: flows, road, girls, dough. A great list of conversation ins. Listen above and send Novelist your birthday love (read: money to his bank account) here.