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Watch Wolf Saga's Beautiful Ode to the Women in Your Life With Video "Walls"

Wolf Saga loves his grandmother and you should too.

Photo by Michael Alexander

Whether it's tobogganing down your favourite hill or getting picked last on the playground, some childhood memories can not be forgotten. And for the fortunate, these memories have a willing and strong parent that can provide. Ojibwe native and London, Ontario artist Wolf Saga depicts that very capsule of time for his new video "Walls." Accompanied by Wolf Saga's indie-pop score, the heartwarming visual showcases the upbringing of a boy wth the assistance of his supportive grandmother. Whilst also paying homage to all the strong women that promote and teach equality.

"My grandmother is the most influential person in my life, as she helped raise me. Growing up I didn't have many role models, so I looked up to her," explains Wolf Saga. "The song is about these unseen walls that have been built to separate people from each other, especially based on one's gender. We can break these walls and I think that's something everyone needs to remember sometimes. The video is a fictional re-imagining of my childhood, showing a strong woman figure doing both gender roles as she raises this boy. He learns from her and we see how it affects him and some of the choices he makes." Watch the beautiful video below

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