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A Bunch of Douchebags Started a Riot in the Line for Beyoncé Tickets in England

Unlimited finger wags to whoever dare disrupt anything Beyoncé-related.

Unlimited finger wags to this: It's come out that over the weekend, a bunch of teenaged Beyoncé fans waited in line for over 24 hours trying to get tickets for Queen Bey's three shows at Manchester Arena in May, only to have a bunch of drunk dudes start a riot before tickets were actually going to go on sale, terrifying hundreds of fans and leaving everyone in line ticketless.

Basically, what happened is a gaggle of drunk/high British hooligans decided to try to force their way into the Manchester Arena box office, because it seems like a good idea (or something). Quoth the Manchester Arena Box Office Spokesman:


Since the Beyonce dates were announced two weeks ago we strongly advised all customers not to travel to the venue box office as tickets could not be guaranteed due to the anticipated high demand.
Unfortunately, when we opened our doors at 5.30am what had been an orderly queue immediately stormed the box office windows causing a potential crush.

Despite the best efforts of our stewards and security staff we had to involve British Transport Police in an attempt to restore order. Even then the safety of genuine fans could not be guaranteed and, following police advice, the box office remained closed.

And so, that sucks and people should be nicer to each other and only go to ticket lines that they actually want to be in. To all of you who dare disrupt anything Beyoncé-related, we at Noisey say this:

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