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Listen to NONONO's "Pumpin Blood" (The Shapeshifters Remix)

Let's 90's it up.

Credit: Michael Ray

NONONO is a Swedish threesome that produces a chaotic and haunting blend of electro-infused beats—which might be the most Swedish sounding sentence ever that doesn't have to do with IKEA. Anyway, the group's first single "Pumpin' Blood" has been floating across the interent all summer, getting remixed by FIXYN, Belarbi, and Taken By Trees. Below, we're premiering another remix, this time by the Shapeshifters, a house duo from London. Of the track, singer Stina Wappling says, "We love the 90's feeling in their version and are honored that they want to do a remix."

The band is currently working on their debut full-length, but in the meantime, NONONO just released an EP of "Pumpin' Blood," containing every remix of the song, which you can download here. The threesome also just announced that their first US show will take place at Mercury Lounge in New York on October 15th.