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Terrifying Rapper Stitches Has Been Working with Scott Storch for at Least a Year, Apparently

In addition to loving selling blow, he also loves recording with noted recovering cocaine enthusiast Scott Storch.

Upon first blush, the Miami rapper Stitches is as terrifying as he is mysterious. He seemingly burst out of nowhere with his video for "Brick in Yo Face," which found the face-tatted rapper screaming, "I LOVE SELLIN' BLOWWWWWW!" amongst other angry platitudes concerning the distribution of cocaine and the violent crimes that Stitches is capable of if you don't pay up. Sporting tattoos of both stitches and a gun on his face and a chickenhawk hairstyle while rapping with enough intensity to turn a lump of coal into a diamond, Stitches appeared to be a cross between Heath Ledger's Joker and James Franco's Alien. In other words, the perfect internet curio.


In an interview with Complex, Stitches revealed that he's been working with an array of notable producers, including 808 Mafia, Southside, and notable recovering cocaine enthusiast Scott Storch. The depth of that connection was not explored, but if you look at his Instagram page, one of the first posts is a picture of him and Storch in the studio, which implies that the rise of Stitches might be less out-of-nowhere than we assume.

Still unanswered is the question of why someone would willingly make themselves look like that, but this connection suggests he's a Replicant, created a little over a year ago in some lab as part of an attempt to use both science and catchphrases to revive Scott Storch's career. As of now, it appears to be working.

We will continue reporting on the curious case of the rapper Stitches and his origins, assuming he doesn't shoot a bazooka into the VICE offices or something.

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