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Ariel Pink Releases New Song "Put Your Number in My Phone," Does His Best Drake Impression

It involves a phone call sample.

Over the past decade, Ariel Pink has both meticulously and haphazardly crafted his image as an enigmatic, encyclopedic artist who spends his days shuttered inside, obsessively combing through the discographies of obscure vintage artists and riffing off them in his own home-recordings. But after listening to his new song, "Put Your Number in My Phone," from his just-announced upcoming album pom pom, I'm starting to think he spends just as much time keeping up with new tracks, specifically by Drake. If Ariel Pink made "Marvin's Room," and filtered it through his own warped 70s AM gold lens, I imagine it would sound like "Put Your Number in My Phone."


On it, Ariel shows his sensitive crooner side, pleading for numbers and then exposing one of the voicemails on his phone: "Hey Ariel, it's Jessica we met at the taco truck in Silverlake. I don't know if you're really busy or something but I haven't heard back from you. Just wondering if you could…," which he cuts off with the chorus that the song is named for. He also does a little bit of lyrical flexing à la Drake, pulling out poetic couplets like this—"Cause what would tame this gypsy heart but fruits from fresh on Vine? Your lucious lips entice me to discover"—and landing somewhere between romance novel-level-corniness and endearing.

Check out the track below—which fans of 2010's Before Today will definitely enjoy—and look for the album November 18 via 4AD.