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Day Wave's "We Try But We Don't Fit In" Is an Outsider Anthem for Dreamers

This Oakland newbie set to steal your heart with his fourth track ever. Debut EP incoming!

A few weeks ago I accidentally stumbled across Day Wave—a.k.a. Oakland-based music-maker Jackson Phillips—and it really was an accident. Not like a publicist pushed something under my nose kinda "accident," but rather, I was listening to a song on Soundcloud and then the site continued to select songs at random and because I had too many tabs open and I couldn't work out where the music was coming from anyway, I just let it play on. Hey, it happens, and in this case, I'm so glad it did. His song "Drag" is an unimpeachably awesome cut of lo-fi goodness, as comforting as your favorite hoodie, as treasured as that faded Polaroid of your teen crush that you keep tucked in the back drawer. You know, the one you sometimes sneak a peak at when it's rainy outside.

Deeper diving revealed more from Day Wave, namely "Total Zombie," with its jangly guitars like Albert Hammond Jr. and a Drums-like surf sadness, and "Nothing at All." All three songs are quite brilliant, without being in your face, and then, then there was nothing… until now. Premiering above is the fourth ever Day Wave track to be released into the ether, and "We Try But We Don't Fit In" comes complete with the announcement of his self-released debut EP, Headcase, out on 7.17. The collection will include all four aforementioned songs, plus one more: the title track.

But back to this song, an outsider anthem for dreamers with a guitar line reminiscent of "Perfect" by Smashing Pumpkins, and soft focus vocals that tickle the happy-sad sweet spot yet again. On the gleeful chorus Phillips admits, "I made a mess / With all of my friends / I made a mess / I'll do it again!" Cheers to that. Sometimes (most of the time) the messiest times are the most magnificent.

Kim Taylor Bennett once went on a disastrous lunch date where the man asked her about her worst qualities. She said she was messy. She's not sorry about it either, but she is on Twitter.