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Lenny Kravitz’s Pants Ripped on Stage and His Dong Popped Out (NSFW)


Last night, Lenny Kravitz was playing a show at Stockholm’s biggest theme park and his leather rock star pants ripped while he was doing his rock star moves with this guitar and whoops his dong flopped out.

He shuffled offstage, changing into a new pair of pants that didn't have a big hole where the dong is and wore those for the rest of the concert. This problem could’ve been avoided if he’d worn underwear, but that is not very rock star. Fortunately for the rock dong enthusiasts out there, someone captured the moment perfectly. See the dong for yourself below. Have a great day.

Warning: Dong below. Do not scroll down if you do not wish to see dong.

via The Local

Lenny Kravitz pants rip- timed the shot beautifully @magnusgoethe Stockholm are the lucky ones!A show like no other!

— Leena K (@Lshah11Shah) August 3, 2015

This GIF of Lenny Kravitz's penis popping out of his leather pants is kinda relaxing tbh

— Dorsey Shaw (@dorseyshaw) August 4, 2015