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Do You Want to Listen to Two New Beach House Singles? Because You are Going to Have to Take a Quiz... About Beach House

Are you more of a "Gila" or a "Norway?"
August 10, 2015, 1:59pm

Do you want to listen to the new Beach House singles? Well, that's nice, but you are going to have to take a quiz first, and even then you only get to listen to one of them. The band's two new singles, "PPP" and "Beyond Love" are streaming, but in order to access them, you must rank your top three favorite Beach House songs via the band's personal website and let an algorhythm called "Single Finder" decide which of the two new singles is most ammenable to your taste… in Beach House songs. This is like the Harry Potter sorting hat of music streaming, but only for Beach House. So, are you more of a "Gila" or a "Norway?" "Turtle Island" or "House of Chambers?" Think we're joking? See it for yourself.