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Beef Is Sempiternal: Bring Me The Horizon Destroy Coldplay's Table at NME Awards

More entertaining than their Super Bowl performance.

If there was one beef that seemed completely real last year because of how petty it was, it had to be Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes getting very angry that Coldplay's new record A Head Full of Dreams copied the same symbolism BMTH's Sempiternal did. As an act of vengeance, or maybe just to prove they're the bigger shit stain on British music, Sykes decided to fuck with Coldplay at the NME awards. During BMTH's performance of their buttrocky "Happy Song," Sykes left the stage in the auditorium to go out to where all the musicians were seated. He makes a dash straight to Coldplay's table, and jumped on top of it, kicking bottles and plates every which way his skinny legs could. He then rocks the table back and forth, crashing it, and spilling shit all over the legs of Martin and company.


It begs the question why the boys of Coldplay let some scene kid fuck up their table that hard. Then again, you can be sure Coldplay's millions of dollars means shit like this doesn't matter whatsoever.