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PREMIERE: Starwalker's "Holidays" Will Inspire You to Book That Vacay ASAP

Jean-Benoît from Air and Bardi from Bang Gang have been low key beavering away, collaborating as Starwalker, and now their debut LP gets an April Fools' Day release.
February 15, 2016, 2:10pm

Starwalker by Taki Bibelas

Hello gents! You there, Jean-Benoît from Air, and you, Barði of Bang Gang (pronounced Bardi)! Aside from making music for their primary projects, these two pals have been low key collaborating as Starwalker. It was over a year ago that we premiered their interstellar and super chill video for "Blue Hawaii"—and now, at last, their eponymous LP gets a release date. It's not like they've been lazy either. Last year Barði released his first record in years and years as Bang Gang,(we traveled to Iceland to find out more and you can read it all here), and JB? Well, he composed a film soundtrack and dropped a solo mini-album entitled, The Man Of Sorrow.


Below is the third track from Starwalker's imminent LP: "Holidays" seems to feature a choir of robo kids (probably not, but still), with a skippy beat and a feel-good factor sure to improve your Monday mope. "Happy days are coming again," sing the small children, convincingly.

"Holidays is an anthem for having a good time," explains Barði. "Melancholic happiness. We added an amazing Icelandic childrens choir on the chorus to underline the fun and playfulness of the song."

JB adds: "This song has been made for humans and robots. We all deserve a little bit of fun. We wanted to find the sound of sugar, the sound of the beach under the sun, the sound of the heat of July that makes your body relax."

Mission accomplished!

Starwalker's self-titled debut LP is out on 4.1 via Prototyp Recording & Bang ehf via Sena ehf.