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Live Stream Yo Gotti's Birthday Bash, Featuring Some Very Special Guests, on Noisey This Sunday

Act right and tune in right here on Sunday night. You won't want to miss this.
June 17, 2016, 6:42pm

In the city of Memphis, Yo Gotti is basically mayor. So it's only appropriate that Yo Gotti's Birthday Bash has taken on a level of civic significance as one of the city's marquee annual events. This year, for the fourth installment, on the heels of the biggest hit of his career, Yo Gotti is appropriately pulling out all the stops. Gotti will be joined by Rae Sremmurd, Rick Ross, and an all-star roster of very special guests. Trust us, it is a really good set of guests. You will wish you were there.


But, assuming you are not already planning to be there, we have some good news: We're streaming the whole thing on Noisey. You'll be able to watch a livestream this Sunday and see all the special guests for yourself. You will, we reiterate, not want to miss it. Tune in at 8:35 PM CT (9:35 PM ET) this Sunday right here or on Noisey YouTube, and watch to your heart's content. It will be a five-star flick. Act right and watch it.

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