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Maya Vik Teams with Lindstrøm to Exorcise Their Weird Obsession with Michael Douglas

Who needs therapy when you can just write a banger instead?
February 24, 2015, 3:57pm

Maya Vik has a new track called "Y.M.D." from her Beyond the Basics EP and it's noteworthy for more than a few reasons:

1) It's really great, upbeat electro-funk that gets in your head and stays there.
2) It combines the charming vocals of Vik with the one and only Lindstrøm on the track.
3) It may be the first track ever to be devoted solely to a young Michael Douglas.

So what era is Maya Vik talking about? Probably not Falling Down Douglas based on the tone and the timbre of the track. More likely the Wall Street-era, when he was a slick-suited, badass, steamrolling tycoon. The lyrics "Turning heads is what you do by day / Dropping drawers is what you do by night" seem like a dead giveaway, then again she could ALSO be talking about Fatal Attraction-era Douglas, where he plays a womanizer, or Black Rain-era Douglas, where he battled the yakuza on the back of a motorcycle in Tokyo.

Maya Vik doesn't really help solve the mystery so much either, commenting thusly on the track: "This song is a tribute to all you Young Michael Douglases out there! The collaboration has been really great, as I’m a huge fan of Lindstrøm's work. We’ve also recorded a second track, out later this year, so stay tuned. Oh and Michael Douglas—I'm a huge fan of him too!"

Whatever. Some mysteries shouldn't be solved. Try and figure it out in the track below.