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Here Is Michael Bolton Playing the Michael Bolton Character from 'Office Space'

The no-talent ass clown does a pretty good job!

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are people. Rich people to whom the laws of society do not apply because they are so very rich, sure. But people, nonetheless. They have senses of humor and thoughts and feelings, feelings which they sometimes have hurt just like you and I. And they watch movies and TV shows just like the rest of us. So when they see themselves mocked in their entertainment, do they find it funny as well?


Judging from this Funny or Die video, singer/former mullet-haver Michael Bolton seems to have a sense of humor about the 1999 Mike Judge blue-collar office dronery cult classic Office Space. The movie was particularly harsh on Bolton, featuring a character of the same name who curses himself for sharing a namesake with the "When a Man Loves a Woman" appropriator. The movie forever tied the name "Michael Bolton" to the phrase "no-talent ass clown." More so.

Here's Bolton (the singer, not the character) reenacting some of the movie's scenes, playing Michael Bolton (the character, not the singer). Was that confusing? Bolton does a pretty good job, even though he doesn't do the "'PC Load Letter'… what the fuck does that mean?" line. Now let's see him play the character of Samir… Nah-ha-na… Nah-ha-naha nah not gotta work here anymore.