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PREMIERE: Toronto's Dilly Dally Explodes with "Purple Rage" All in Your Brain

Anger is one hell of a drug.

Last week, music critic and Pitchfork editor Jessica Hopper fired off a tweet that brought all the women/non-binary musicians and journalists to the digital yard. By simply asking people about the first time they were made to feel like their opinions on music "didn't count," an international conversation over Twitter highlighted the issue in a big way. While it's great that people are talking about it, the irony is that we should't even have to. On the heels of this global discussion comes the ever so empowering and perfectly appropriate "Purple Rage" by Toronto's Dilly Dally. The scraping, grunge-influenced four-piece rips into feminist punk rock with the same urgency that led people to respond so quickly to Hopper's reverberating tweet. "Purple Rage" follows the explosive release of Dilly Dally's first single titled "Desire." Stream "Purple Rage" below and pre-order their debut LP Sore, out October 9 via Partisan Records.


Below is what vocalist Katie Monks had to say about "Purple Rage."

"Anger is such a powerful emotion. This song is meant to be an anthem for channelling all the rage we have into something positive. When I have been badly hurt in the past, I am usually filled with a huge amount of energy. I always try to use that energy to make myself 'stronger' and 'tougher.' For me, that has meant working harder on the band and my art shit, quitting cigarettes cold turkey after being a pack a day smoker, dying my hair weird colours, investing more energy into my friends… all kinds of stuff. It's kinda like you become a superhero version of yourself… and no one can fuck with you."